If you want better presentation and communication skills, team performance, leadership,
productivity, sales, then Elaine is the one to hire. Elaine can create a bespoke presentation,
breakout session or workshop that will suit your needs.



Presenting with confidence, is something that most people aspire to do well. Whether standing up and talking at a meeting, delivering a presentation or sharing their voice, opinion and view with others.

When you present with confidence you get to inspire others, become the ‘go to person’ in your industry and become visible as a great leader. “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.” Richard Branson


Psychology ♦ Preparation ♦ Pace, Projection & Posture ♦
Planning & Reflection ♦ 
Presentation  ♦ Performance


  • Increased ability to persuade and influence others
  • More confidence in presenting
  • An understanding of the power of authenticity in communication
  • New non-verbal and verbal communication skills
  • The skill of crafting engaging and spellbound presentations
  • Competence in the art of storytelling
  • Increased effectiveness as an influential leader.


Elaine provided a truly impactful training course that the delegates received well. The training was offered within our Women in Leadership Programme enabling our next generation of female leaders to speak with authentic confidence during presentations and to be more present and grounded at interviews into more senior posts. We gained 4 promotions as a product of the programme, we are confident that Elaine’s course was a large contributor to this strategic result. I would strongly recommend Elaine for all your presenting with confidence needs. To quote a delegate, “This was the best course in the world!”

Rose Griffiths, Office of National Statistics, Learning Academy

“I identified Elaine as a suitable trainer, having heard feedback of Elaine’s ability to inspire a group and encourage energy in the room. The Leadership Mindset masterclass Elaine delivered was a powerful and emotive event which inspired and empowered the participants. As a result Elaine was successful in creating deep learning experience. Participants described feeling energised, having great self worth and a more positive attitude. I would definitely recommend Elaine and look forward to working with her again.”

Kathryn Kennedy, Talent Lead, HR Resources, Home Office


The Leadership and Mindset Development Workshop is a highly interactive training designed for future leaders to discover what they are capable of achieving and what stands in the way of their performance.

They will learn how to be resilient and bring out the best in others and themselves by learning the tools to be unstoppable in their role.

They will experience a new-found freedom, self-expression and power in themselves and be in action and productive in areas where they were once blocked.


  • Understand why they don’t operate at their peak potential and will be given tools to transform and enhance their mindset
  • Discover how to have power over their inner dialogue and limiting beliefs
  • Transform their relationship to failure
  • Become more resilient
  • Understanding how to begin to have mastery over their thoughts, feelings, reasons and excuses so that they can perform no matter what
  • Utilise the power of sharing and effective communication
  • Create a plan going forward unconstrained by any limitations




“Elaine delivered a 1 day workshop to a cohort of about 40 delegates from my business area.  As well as being very organised, with excellent pre-course communications and first-rate materials, she brought a potent blend of professionalism, humility, energy and good humour to the event.  Elaine showed real passion for the subject and a genuine interest in the work that we do, and in the individuals on the course. These qualities came together not only to achieve the aims of our workshop but to genuinely inspire and energise our delegates along the way.  I am confident that the learning from this event will be instantly practical in the workplace, with the added benefit that many of the learning points can be applied in a variety of situations.  I would recommend Elaine unreservedly for any learning needs relating to presenting and pitching.”

Andrew Smith, Head of Subject Access Request Unit, UK Visas and Immigration


Pitching for new business and ideas dominates the world of business. It is essential for your business to thrive and grow, to be able to be one step ahead of your competitors.

This workshop is for those seeking to gain potential investors, customers, funding, business partners and want to develop their pitch.

This workshop will ensure that you have the knowledge and tools required to make a great pitch, will give you the confidence to be able to pitch anywhere and what it takes to win pitches.

This training is delivered in a small group format so we can get the most from the day.

  • Have a clear, concise and compelling pitch architecture
  • Develop a spellbound story that will bring your business to life and make your pitch stand out
  • Build genuine rapport with the audience and effectively manage questions
  • Deliver with authority, presence and authentic
  • A crafted elevator and main pitch that stands out
  • Manage fears and nerves when pitching



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