“We required a communication expert to deliver an interactive and exciting presentation for our delegates and felt Elaine’s expertise was a perfect fit.

Attendee’s loved Elaine’s session, they left smiling and wanting more. Her confidence is contagious and her passion and energy were felt throughout the room with many commenting on how inspiring and engaging the session was.  Within a week of working with Elaine for the first time, we confirmed her for our next event, six months down the line!”

Kirstie McMillan, BAME Into Leadership Conference, Dods

“AWESOME, INSPIRING, AND A GAME-CHANGER”, are some of the words colleagues used to describe your workshop yesterday. What a session Elaine! You really connected with each and every one of us and got us to dig deep and find our inner strength and realise that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves. The most insightful moment of the day for me was understanding that thoughts are not real – of course, they’re not, how has it taken me 51 years to get to that point?

A colleague and good friend (who has had significant challenges in her personal life) text me after the event and said “I’ve come away so positive and optimistic – not about work but life in general. I’m going to apply everything Elaine said!

Karen Wallace, Inclusion and Diversity Manager, SCRA

We would like to thank Elaine for coming and speaking at our Medical Education Development Day. The written and verbal feedback from the day was overwhelmingly outstanding. The surgeons thought the presentation was brilliant, inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking. Elaine made them think about their behaviour and changing behaviours. The session was very interactive and initiated wide discussion.


Lynn Hill,  Clinical Educator (Post Graduate Medical Education)| North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Elaine provided a truly impactful training course that the delegates received well. The training was offered within our Women in Leadership Programme enabling our next generation of female leaders to speak with authentic confidence during presentations and to be more present and grounded at interviews into more senior posts. We gained 4 promotions as a product of the program, we are confident that Elaine’s course was a large contributor to this strategic result. I would strongly recommend Elaine for all your presenting with confidence needs.

To quote a delegate, “This was the best course in the world!”

Rose Griffiths, Office of National Statistics, Learning Academy

“Elaine delivered a fantastic session that received excellent feedback from our participants. If you are looking for someone to create a truly impactful and moving experience that will have long-term benefits to your people, I would highly recommend working with Elaine.”

Elliott Rae, Head of Project Race, DEFRA


“We had the pleasure of working in partnership with Elaine before.  We invited Elaine to speak at our AGM to 300 delegates. The experience for the attendees was very uplifting, empowering and inspiring and was positioned in our day to ensure delegates left energised and with key takeaways post-event.  Feedback was overwhelming positive.”

Hamid Motraghi, Chair of The Network, Home Office

“This was a lively, engaging, humorous and powerful presentation that mixed the space for self-reflection with some practical tips and tools for influencing.  There was a palpable buzz in and after the event with our members feeling inspired, motivated and valued.  We would most definitely recommend Elaine.”

Dr. Suzanne Tyler, Executive Director, Royal College of Midwives

Delegates love Elaine, feedback always focuses on the incredible energy and enthusiasm she is able to bring to her presentations. She inspires those around her through well-targeted content and passionate delivery, which has made her one of our most popular speakers. I would absolutely highly recommend Elaine.

Claire Walmsley, Women Into Leadership Conference, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Events, Westminster Briefing, Dods

“Elaine delivered a 1-day workshop to a cohort of about 40 delegates from my business area. As well as being very organised, with excellent pre-course communications and first-rate materials, she brought a potent blend of professionalism, humility, energy and good humour to the event.

Elaine showed a real passion for the subject and a genuine interest in the work that we do, and in the individuals on the course. These qualities came together not only to achieve the aims of our workshop but to genuinely inspire and energise our delegates along the way. I am confident that the learning from this event will be instantly practical in the workplace, with the added benefit that many of the learning points can be applied in a variety of situations. I would recommend Elaine unreservedly for any learning needs relating to presenting and pitching.”

Andrew Smith, Head of Subject Access Request Unit, Appeals, Litigation and Subject Access Request Directorate, UK Visas and Immigration

"Elaine’s sessions concentrated on the key competencies required to communicate and present with confidence. Whilst not strictly an “advocacy” course, the workshops focused upon a lot of the soft skills and attributes which make a good public speaker, skills that are easily transferable to the courtroom. During each session Elaine spoke about the importance of preparation and the psychology which sits behind a good presentation. The workshops were well received by the team with the following feedback provided......"

Nathan Miebai, District Crown Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service

"The course was excellent. I found it really useful and by the end of it I genuinely felt more confident in my own abilities. Although not strictly an advocacy course, Elaine had some really helpful tips on how to present with impact and persuasion which I would definitely use in the court environment”

“I was impressed with her emphasis on getting people to reflect on how they would like to be when presenting and not on how they perceive themselves to be. I also found her focus on confidence as a key issue when presenting to be spot on”.

“I thought it was really useful to have the training opportunity concerning a ‘skill set’ as opposed to just being focussed on something specific to the prosecutor role. Obviously the presenting skills training has practical uses for being in court, but in addition it’ll help with situations where we might have to speak to a group in any number of contexts. So it was really useful and good for confidence-building.”

““I thought it was most useful and very relevant to a lot of areas of our working life particularly the advocacy presentation. I shall be putting into practice a lot of what we were shown yesterday. I found being a face to face practical course was most helpful rather than trying to attempt something on this area via an on line course. The trainer herself was very positive and easy to talk to and very encouraging. I would highly recommend the course for people again.”.

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