Sheila Nilsson

CEO and Director, Self-Image
I want to thank you Elaine for giving me all the tools I need to perform my presentation with clarity, confidence and fun. Your format and structure has allowed my presentation to be interactive and interesting for both my client and myself. It is so adaptable I feel I can use this formula anywhere. Thank you for your tough love approach – it worked!

Sue Warner

Ceo, Speakerstrust
You were magnificent! Right up there and obviously a holiday in Jamaica is a must for all who are hosting contests! You certainly had the ‘add-on’ factor and did a great job. You looked like you were enjoying yourself too!

Michelle Moore

Development Consultant
Fantastic workshop. Thanks so much for your honest, fresh and dynamic approach on how to be the best you. I was absorbed.

Ruby Mulraine

Black Music Canteen
Elaine Powell knows all the secrets that will turn you into a great speaker. Her programme delves deeper than your average presentation skills workshop, uncovering the roots to your fears and substituting them with new and strong foundations from which to grow. She runs bespoke sessions that revolve around you and your needs, whether you are a novice or advanced speaker. I wanted to build on my public speaking skills to gain more high profile speaking engagements. Elaine’s sessions have allowed me to achieve a standard of public speaking I once considered unattainable!

Anne Loyd

Helping Ordinary Women Do Extraordinary Things
Elaine was completely brilliant and was the best two hours I’ve spent in a presentation in a long time. I am now armed with a tool box of information and an eagerness to continue my presentation skills training. Elaine is a woman who walks the talk and holds your hand at the same time. Thank you again for such a brilliant session.

Darshana Ubl

Ceo Of Entrevo
I met Elaine a week before I due to host an event for more than 400 people in London. I was really nervous as I was not only running the event but also delivering a 20 minute presentation. I needed help and luckily came across Elaine. I realised in the first hour of working together that I was in good hands. She was warm, structured and kept me focused on my core message, structure and content. Working with her was delightful! Having worked hours honing my presentation and delivery, on the day I felt confident and ready to blossom into my new role as a public speaker. At the end of my presentation, I was truly overwhelmed and humbled by the fantastic feedback from those in the audience. I can’t thank Elaine enough for helping making this possible.

Careeta Robert-Green

Born With A Gift
I invited Elaine to be a keynote speaker at one of our events and within the first few minutes everyone was engaged. Elaine has a natural gift for storytelling and building rapport with audiences. The feedback from attendees was that Elaine inspired them to take action on their goals and take charge of their emotions. It was an honour to have Elaine speak at the event and I highly recommend her as a speaker.

John Coupland

Social Media Expert
Having attended the Key Person of Influence (KPI) programme with Elaine this year, I was impressed with her speaking and engagement skills. She listens and supports those around her as second nature. She also ‘walks the talk’, especially when it comes down to being a truly engaging Speaker. The bonus is that she does this with humour which magnetises her audience. A recent example of this is her highly successful performance at KPI’s Pitch Fest. Engage with Elaine. She is nothing but first class.

Helen Sanderson

Ministry Of Calm
Elaine gives 110% to participants she works with. I highly recommend working with her, she knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. Public speaking is scary but she holds your hand through the steps and gets the results. Wow!

Kay Oldroyd

Bya Awards
Elaine is the woman that you need for public speaking. She has worked with BYA ambassadors and is an internationally acclaimed award winning public speaking superstar. You will definitely get all that you require from her.

Mariola Innes

Inspired Conceptions Natural Fertility
This training really helps us to come out of our shell and to shine with your own truth, helping us to deliver our message to the world.

Ashley Malekmian

Thank you so much Elaine! The workshop was a really good pace throughout the whole day. It was lovely to have freedom of speech and to contribute. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.