When you request a VIP day, you get my undivided attention to work on what is important to you: your speaking goals, writing your speech, stage presence, raising your profile or anything else you want to deal with. VIP days are value-packed experiences that can transform you into a great speaker.

Time is sometimes of the essence, and you may want to focus on only one or two aspects of your speaking. This is where we get to focus on what is most important to you.

Your talk will need to position you as a thought leader, the ‘go-to person’ in your industry. Your message needs to be memorable and unique. There are many aspects to ensuring you get invited to speak.

I have worked with many people to help create their talk from keynotes to TEDx talks and equip them with the skills they need to command stages around the country. I love working with entrepreneurs, coaches, thought leaders and anyone who wants to make a difference with the power of their words.

Let’s Work Together To Make Your Vision, Mission And Idea Feasible



Prior to our call, I will send you a pre-session questionnaire to fill out so that I can get the most out of our telephone conversation.

Strategy Session Phone Call

A week before your VIP Day we will have an in-depth 60 minute phone call. Here we will looking at your objectives of the VIP Day, which module(s) you would like to cover on the day. I will ask you tons of clarifying questions, so that every minute is as productive as possible.

Speak With Confidence Modules

You will pick either 1, 2 or 3 of the Speak With Confidence modules to work on during the day.

You Will Arrive At My Offices In Moorgate And Start At 9:00am – 5.00pm [Virtual Coaching Is Possible Too]

You will arrive at my office and we will start with a nice cup of tea or coffee. We will always cover psychology in the coaching, as this is the engine that drives your car. Typically, the first part of the day is spent asking more clarifying questions. Then we go to work. Be prepared to work hard as I want you to get the most out of the day and to come away with something tangible. Whether that be a persuasive business pitch, a powerful presentation or a story that makes your business memorable, what ever is important to you will start taking shape.


Lunch is on me, so we will take 1 hour break for lunch, just to revive ourselves as this will be an intensive day to get things done.

The Second Half Of The Day

We will then continue to work on the modules you have chosen, ensuring that at the end of the day you feel more confident and having the necessary presentation tools or something tangible like speakers bios, keynote speech or business pitch to take away with you. If you have picked two modules then the second half of the day we will concentrate on working on that, fine tuning so that we end the day with a next step plan and tangible things to take away.

Follow Up

We will then schedule 2 x 30 minute follow-up calls to be taken within 2 weeks. Here we will go over any questions and fine-tune what was covered during the VIP Day.


What Will You Gain From The Day?


Successful people are comfortable being uncomfortable. If you are playing a big game in life, you are going to have breakdowns that can knock your confidence. I help to equip you with a powerful mindset and communication skills that will enable you to connect with clients, customers and audiences whether you are pitching, presenting or networking no matter the circumstance.


The best athletes, business owners in the world have coaches. I will be able to guide you whether it is drafting a pitch or presentation you are about to deliver, or working on your delivery techniques in how to connect and move an audience into action. We will see what is missing in your game, the blindspots that is holding you back and put in place was is needed to take you to the next level.


Big risks means big rewards. By delivering pitches, presentations, storytelling, speaking at events, delivering a TEDx talk, speaking on camera or radio, if you get it wrong, it is very public. This is why public speaking is ranked in the top 3 fears in the world. I will help you navigate through this. As your profile increases, you will be asked to speak on stage, panels or even hosting. By speaking you instantly become the ‘go to person’ in your industry. Big risks, big rewards.


You will get connected to your passion in an empowering way. Why you do what you do? Making your dreams bigger than yourself is the blueprint to success.


I only do 5 VIP Days a month, so take action now!
Life only rewards those that take action. So what are you waiting for?