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Speakerpreneur Workbook + "The Bible of Public Speaking"


Full Access To 24 Of The Most Amazing Interviews With Leading Speaking Experts In Their Field


Covering topics such as:


  • Psychology: How to manage your nerves, fears, and anxiety so you become a master speaker.


  • Positioning: Ensuring you find your niche, positioning, and messages that have you stand out as the go-to person in your industry.


  • Presentation:  How do you create a brilliant presentation, story, and learn how to sell from the stage elegantly.


  • Profits: Learn all the different streams of income that you can have from speaking from the stage, plus how to get speaking engagement and become a highly paid speaker.


  • Promote: What do you need to do to ensure you market yourself, your presentation topic, and the results you deliver so that event planners seek you out.


  • Products:  Discover what products you can create in order to have your ideal clients go on a journey with you so that you can scale your business.

What People Said About The Interview Series…

 “Wowzer! What a feast! I’m fat with inspiration, cutting edge advice, information, and fantastic bonuses – Each and every guest expert brought significant value. The Speakerpreneur Summit is one of the best online events I have ever attended! Dion

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series of interviews. Elaine’s guests were very experienced speakers and generously shared their knowledge and experienced. I learned a lot and was left inspired and learned something new from each interview.”

“Thank you, Elaine, for this brilliant program with world-class experts. I’ve enjoyed the journey and loved collecting industry ‘Golden Nuggets.’ Thank you once again.”

“What wasn’t expected, was the explosion of knowledge about how conferences/events take place and the magnitude of involvement of the different parties.” Monica

“Thanks so much for introducing me to some pretty awesome people to follow (including yourself!).” Melissa

“I’ve been watching all of the interviews and really appreciate the work you’ve put into all of them. I just turned 60 years old, so I don’t suppose there is a big demand for elderly new speakers. I’m don’t know if/how you can help me but I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it the series, and learning from it, regardless of where it leads me. If I can cull just one small “Golden Nugget”, it will have been worth the time.” Susan

“I truly love your video series. Great initiative!” Carlo

“Just dropping in to congratulate you on the summit. I wanted to let you know that the summit looks Amazing. Thank you for all you are doing.” Dion

“Dear Elaine, Frankly, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you gave me to listen to all the fantastic speakers. I have reams of notes I have to review and consolidate. I appreciate the work that must have gone into setting it all up and commend you for that.”

“Your Speakerpreneur Summit was an excellent concept. Packaging a big collection of speakers – each with a different specialty, perspective, and personality – really provided great information, and at many levels. It also allowed your audience to see how varied speakers can be in style and tone, which really worked to help others also envision themselves as a successful speaker. The entire brand experience was also spot-on.”


“This was one of the best Summits I have ever ‘attended’. It was chockfull of tips and strategies that anyone can use to GROW. You brought together a great group of people with vast knowledge in their space. Thank you for doing so.”

“Thank you so much for providing me with the knowledge and confidence to take my business to the next level. Your work has acted as a much-needed catalyst to success in my life.”

“Can you give my greetings and THANK YOU to all the other speakers who cooperated too! For me, this online training comes at the perfect moment. It helps me to achieve my goals for the further as a social entrepreneur and also to become a (keynote) speaker.” Shirley

“The Speakerpreneur interview series is phenomenal. Thank you. In fact, it is so good I put back the launch of my own business by a couple of weeks so that I have the time to watch them. There is so much excellent content in every one.” Glyn

“The Speakerpreneur Summit was fascinating, inspiring and insightful. It has fired me up to pursue my speaking ambitions! I particularly enjoyed the very first interview with Harriet Waley-Cohen – and her commitment to waging war on the global epidemic of ‘not good enough’.”

Thank you, Elaine, for the behind the scenes look at other speakers journey.” Carol

“Thank you for putting together the Speakerpreneur Interviews – great and valuable content and you have done an amazing job both interviewing as gathering interesting and relevant experts” Sabinije

“Thank you for these fantastic interviews, they are all truly inspirational.” Marek

“I enjoyed the detail of each interview they were concise and well informed full of relevant information. Each speaker was well presented, prepared, thorough, engaging and passionate about their topic and so confident and generous in the sharing of their knowledge and expertise.”

“I loved the variety of speakers who participated in the series. They brought their own unique style and expertise to the hour with Elaine. My notebook is packed with Golden Nuggets! I absolutely loved Cheryl Wood’s six steps to becoming a highly paid speaker. Perfect for speakers, but could also be used in growing any business!! Elaine, you knocked it out of the park with this interview series!”

The Speakerpreneur System

The Bible of Public Speaking filled with 10 years of wisdom, knowledge, and experience from the stage.

Packed full of tools to be masterful in speaking so that you can:

♦ Get booked repeatedly
♦ Become the go-to-person in your industry
♦ Have an unstoppable speaking mindset
♦ Create messages that land with the audience and
♦ Get highly paid speaking engagements
♦ Produce products and programs that sell

201 Pages, 54 Steps to Speaking, Client Attraction, Income, and Impact
36 Worksheets ready to use right away!


Get access to all of the interviews forever AND MORE!

Elaine Powell

Elaine Powell is an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach and founder of SWC Training & Consultancy. A company dedicated to transforming individuals and organisations human potential. We aim to get the best out of our clients, through presentations and training on leadership mindset, communication and public speaking.

Elaine has trained over 25,000 people and delivered over 600 workshops in the art of peak performance and public speaking, curated a TEDx event and is a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor.

Elaine says “we only have one life to live, so every day, be grateful, be kind, be generous, be supportive, be loving, because whatever you give out will come back to you tenfold.

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