Do you find yourself looking at successful public speakers and wondering how you can speak at summits, webinars, virtual presentations, popular YouTube channels, or even televised interviews? Well, achieving this is quite possible and a lot easier than you might think.


One of the biggest differences between new and successful public speakers is that the professionals have what I call a “MindSpeak” attitude. This powerful mindset helps them carry them past limiting beliefs, so they have the confidence to achieve their goals.


Public speaking is a powerful, fast way to attract your ideal clients and generate income for your business. Through various public speaking events, people will get to know you, like you, and trust you in a short period.


Most professional public speakers start as business owners who became recognized by mastering their public speaking ability. Many professionals have expanded the original business through public speaking while also acquiring more public speaking gigs along the way!


Achieving this level of success is possible for anyone by adopting a powerful, unstoppable mindset. So how does one harness this mindset to become a successful public speaker? Here are three mindset habits that profitable speakers must utilize:


Check Your Belief System

Your internal thoughts and behaviours affect your personal and professional lives every day.  Thoughts repeated, whether positive or negative, continually turn into beliefs, and these affect what you say about yourself and the outward image you betray. If you have some goal in your life like public speaking or reaching new audiences and venues, check what thoughts and beliefs are stopping you from doing these things. Is it the belief that you’re not good enough, that audiences won’t care what you have to say, or something else?

Whatever the negative thoughts or beliefs are, they must be changed from within to refrain from limiting your potential. It is important to identify these beliefs and change them into messages that will elevate you toward career success rather than keeping you stagnant.


Be a Purpose-Centered Speaker Who Transforms

When you address an audience, you should be sharing a message that is in alignment with your core values, purpose, and passion. The majority of successful public speakers are speaking from a place of authenticity, and the audience can sense it.

Purpose-centered speakers can listen to their intuition and tap into the wisdom of the universe. They say what needs to be said for transformation to happen and this is possible for you to do as well.


Put the Audience First

If you’re too worried about your performance on stage, then you might be too focused on what your speech is doing for you. Rather than focusing on the money you will make from a particular gig or how well your jokes landed on stage, you should focus on the impact your words have on your audience.


By focusing on your audience’s experience, you will become a better speaker. This approach will allow you to empathize with your audience and help you focus on what you can say that will have value to others. This practice makes public speakers successful and encourages event organisers to bring you back.


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