Elaine Powell


Elaine Powell is
an Award-Winning Speaker and creator of the T.H.I.N.K. Methodology. 
She has spoken globally at over 200 conferences and events and
teaches business leaders how to excel in their performance, productivity
whilst developing the human potential.


Hello. I am Elaine.

Elaine Powell is The Thought Disruptor™️
whose mission is to support you to elevate your workforce’s performance, creating transformative results and developing the human potential, using the T.H.I.N.K methodology.

Through her personal experience, she transformed her own thinking and changed her story thereby her future.  This led her to develop the T.H.I.N.K. methodology that she applies to organisations through speaking to help develop their human potential.

Her clients have included BT, The British Army and the BBC, she was a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation, is now an Alumni, and is a former London TEDx curator.

At the heart of her work, is a passion for working with leaders and young people to move beyond the constraints of their minds so they can use their voices for positive change in the world.

Elaine’s recognition of the opportunity for transforming our thinking, which transforms our self-expression began with her own journey to reclaiming her own voice.

A rich set of life experiences which included travelling the world and visiting eighteen countries – from Bolivia to Bali in one year, then finding herself faced with the reality that she could not have children anymore, nudged the London-born speaker into her own painful expansion;

“Learning that I would be unable to have children sent me into such a state of depression that I felt like giving up on life.

My pain led me to seek outside support where I would discover that using our voice -the power of sharing- liberates us from our own thinking and mental prison.”  Shares Elaine.

Embarking on her own journey of healing and self-development, Elaine herself began to grieve the loss of the plan she had held for her life, and as she gave voice to her pain in turn she became increasingly self-expressed.

It was around this time in 2011 following the death of Mark Duggan, a local man from Tottenham Hale who was shot dead by police, that the London riots began. Recognising that at the root of the rage was a generation of young people whose voices were not being heard,  Elaine was moved to set up TEDxCroydon as a platform to welcome and spotlight those unexpressed voices.

The initiative was a huge success and today TEDx Youth, still has the youngest contingent of under 25s in the TEDx space globally.

Inspired further by the power of thinking and public speaking to aid transformation, a period working with some of the most challenging young offenders in the UK followed.

Orchard Lodge was London’s last secure children’s home or ‘baby prison’ as it was often referred to, for boys aged 10-17, and it was here that Elaine spent seven pivotal years of her life working with the children to help them shift their perceptions of themselves and what was possible for them, using a combined approach of CBT, positive reinforcement and of being self-expressed.

Today, while her clients are more likely to be corporate leaders than tween and teen young offenders, these life experiences culminated in Elaine creating the  T.H.I.N.K methodology.

Having found her voice and shifted the narrative about her life from victimhood to possibilities, she remains inspired to share that gift with others, from heads of organisations to the corners of society where it’s needed most.


“A presentation I will never forget, life changing.”

“Amazing presentation, very thought provoking.”

“Can we bottle Elaine and take her with us.”

“Excellent, audience participation ensured!”



This was a lively, engaging, humorous and powerful presentation that mixed the space for self-reflection with some practical tips and tools for influencing.  There was a palpable buzz in and after the event with our members feeling inspired, motivated and valued.”

Dr. Suzanne Tyler, Executive Director, Royal College of Midwives



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