When you use the T.H.I.N.K methodology you become Unstoppable.


Hello. I am Elaine.

I am passionate about developing people’s full potential by speaking and training around the world at events using my T.H.I.N.K methodology.

12 years ago, my life was a mess. I was in a career where I felt like I was an imposter, I had a lack of confidence and was stressed most of the time.  I felt all alone and eventually, I became depressed.

I was financially at an all-time low, with debts rising. I was not married. Then to top that, I was told that I could not have children anymore. Could it get any worse?

I decided to take time out and traveled around the world for a year.  Upon my return, I began to work with some of the leading authorities in the world of public speaking and mindset transformation.  After working with these mentors and a great deal of personal work, I developed the T.H.I.N.K methodology and system.  It brought me back from that dark place into a place of loving life, feeling inspired and having a purpose.

What I also learned was that I wasn’t alone.  What I have gone through is very similar in many ways to the issues that face most people these days.  They may not be exactly the same issues I faced but everyone has their challenges.  I realised, I had a passion to teach people the system I used to get myself out of that hole.

Since then I have spoken to over 25,000 people about the art of public speaking, resilience through developing their leadership mindset and improving their communication skills.  All of these are elements of being Unstoppable.

I have worked with many companies such as BT, The British Army, and the BBC to inspire and motivate their leaders of the future and future proof them with resilience and being unstoppable.

I have run numerous TEDx events in London, so I understand the challenges event planners face and know how important it is to have speakers who are engaging, create extraordinary experiences and follow the brief.

Being a Cherie Blair Foundation mentor has enabled me to support people around the world.

I love to enhance people’s mindset, leadership, communication, to grow and develop their careers, as I am passionate about developing human potential.

I hope to connect and support you in the future too!



“A presentation I will never forget, life changing.”

“Amazing presentation, very thought provoking.”

“Can we bottle Elaine and take her with us.”

“Excellent, audience participation ensured!”



This was a lively, engaging, humorous and powerful presentation that mixed the space for self-reflection with some practical tips and tools for influencing.  There was a palpable buzz in and after the event with our members feeling inspired, motivated and valued.”

Dr. Suzanne Tyler, Executive Director, Royal College of Midwives



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