Below please find some media kit resources and a frequently asked questions section, that may help you if you are an organiser of events, conferences and workshops.



1. Elaine’s Short and Long Introduction

Please feel free to copy into your program or trim the wording
to adjust to your liking.

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2. Speakers 2 Page Biography

Click to view and then download.
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3. Workshop Outline

Click to view and then download.
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4. Testimonials From Happy Clients


5. Keynote Topics

Topics that I present about which can be adjusted
for your audience 
Keynote Topics

6. Professional Pictures

A selection of professional pictures that can be downloaded
See Pictures

7. Contact Information

How to contact Elaine.
 Contact Elaine


What is the process for booking Elaine?
  • Click on the Book Elaine button and send your event or workshop requests
  • A call will be scheduled
  • Then we will confirm event and date.
  • Sign contract.
  • Call and email introduction.
  • Send any promotional resources for event advertising and/or PR.
  • Schedule a briefing call to discuss your theme, the audience and your needs
  • Book travel and accommodation (if required)
  • 2 weeks prior confirm event details and schedule a call if required.
Do you charge accommodation and travel?

My fees include travel and accommodation costs.

Would you like us to book your travel and accommodation?

No thank you.  I would rather have my assistant arrange this, although we will coordinate my travel times and locations with you.

What do you need during your presentation?
  • A hands-free microphone
  • Headset or a clip-on mike
  • Projector, screen, and a clicker
  • A place where I can see my own presentation when I’m speaking (either my own computer on the stage or a duplicate screen in front of me) and
  • A bottle of water
  • 2 flip charts + flip chart paper

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact


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