Creating Your Miraculous Phenomenal 2019

Let me start by asking you a question.

What does January mean to you?

Is it time to get over Christmas and sit quietly whilst your funds are replenished at the end of the month. #toomuchmonthattheendofthemonth ?

Is it a time to get away during the winter months and to return in March when the weather improves #youluckysoandso ?

Or is it the beginning of the year, a time to plan and create for the rest of the year. #yourmumwouldbeproud ?

Well, I came to Ubud in Bali to review 2018 and to plan and CREATE for 2019.

Planning For 2019.

The Oxford English dictionary definition of creation is ‘The action or process of bringing something into existence.’

Into existence, means that it wasn’t there before. So for me, planning for the year is not taking old goals and targets from the previous year and recycling them. It is looking with fresh eyes at what else can you create for this year. Bearing in mind plans from previous years are still in force and working in the background of your conscious, sub-conscious and the universe to still manifest. So trust me they are being taken care of. Well that’s what I believe anyway.

As I sat down to ponder and to be still. I asked myself these following questions. As with my blog regarding closing off 2018 and the questions I asked (if you haven’t read it, here is a link) I asked some poignant questions to begin the process of creation.

You don’t learn by talking, you learn by asking relevant questions. That is why children are wired this way as soon as they begin to speak, to be like a sponge and soak up all the answers. They don’t come from they know it already, like some adults do. They are always in the mode of enquiry, open, ready to grow and learn. Sometimes to our annoyance with their numerous “but why…” “why does…” “how can…”.

So I encourage you as you go into 2019, open, inquisitive, asking and answering questions. So you can be childlike, just not childish.

1. What are my personal values?

When this question was poised to me during a workshop, I really had to just sit with it. I didn’t want to go inside my head and be rational about it. I want to feel from the heart space and ask “what is most important to me in my personal life?

Qualities to focus on

Here is my list:

a) Make a difference to everybody I come into contact with, leaving them in touch with their greatness.

My answer to myself was, wow, I love that but can I sustain it. It is very possible that I will not relate to people as such all the time. But now that I am conscious of it, myself will give me a little nudge when I am not being that in the world and I can metaphorically ‘get back on the horse’ at any moment I choose. Yourself too!

b). Be gentle, kind and loving

Firstly, whatever we state, we much remember to relate to ourselves that way too. How we relate to ourselves is generally how we will relate to others. I met somebody last year who was treating people like they were meek and helpless. On further questioning, they opened up that that they saw themselves as helpless too. So this year, I am going to be gentle with myself. For me that means taking time out to go to dance classes, or long walks in the countryside or go horse riding, as horses are very intuitive to how you are being and I know I can learn a lot from them. Just writing about this, makes me love living by these values even more.

c). Lastly. To live my life that anything is possible.

OMG… if you and I were to live life like this, wouldn’t that be awesome. Not just for our own gratification but for others. We would stop putting blocks up in our minds and start having conversations about what is possible. And if we were stopped by something or someone, we would just step around it or find another route. We would be persistent, just like children are when they want something. Brian Tracey says that ‘Persistence is self-discipline in action’.

2. How will you embody these values in the year ahead?

I think is a great question. As before it was more about a feeling, searching, sitting, pondering, intuitively diving into the pool of our being. Whereas this question is more about how will you see those values manifested. For me when I deliver my talks and workshops, I will remember to embody peoples greatness, be gentle and kind with them, however they are being.

I am in the enquiry of how do I develop a programme so that 20,000 women are trained in speaking up and out, in developing countries over the next 3 years. No small feat but a worthy one. The #20,000speakupandout programme.

I mentioned this in the workspace in Hubud in Bali that I am working out of, to someone across the table. A gentleman joined in the conversation and was interested in us having a conversation. He then contacted me via fb to say that his organisation would love to help and support me with this, as it is one of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) in gender equality… Bingo!

I was in a creation workshop this week in Bali and a young man was wanting to have a career in helping to stop child trafficking in the world and wanted to speak to somebody in that niche who could give him some advice regarding the pathway to take. Low and behold, a woman in the workshop had a very dear friend was had been working in that field for 20 years. So start speaking your values and what you are up to in the world. Release it and see where it lands and who will come into your path to make things happen.

This goes to show that we are a ‘network of conversations.’ Six degrees of separation and as the world gets smaller, I say two degrees of separation.

So as you look at this question, start to think, who can I begin to speak to about what I am up to this year.

3. What are YOUR targets for the year ahead?

Here you get to write out what are the specific targets and you when would like to reach them by. These can definitely be more measurable and specific. You can put some dates besides them and schedule them in your diary.

You can even take a step further and share them with somebody who could be your accountability buddy. Accountability buddies are such a great support to have. They are there to help keep you on track, listen to you and give you encouragement when needed. Sometimes just having somebody you know who is going to be asking you if you have kept to your word, actually keeps you honouring your word.

This year, I have taken on a super speaking coach who has delivered at conferences in the USA to between 2,000-15,000 people over the past 20 years. She is Super Coach and I am sooo excited to be working with her., as I know there is a gap between where I am and where I want to be. So having somebody to coach you is a super elevated way to reach your targets in less time. So support, buddies, coaching, mentoring – start to elevate your game.
And now, I have saved the best for last.

4. What Miracles are you asking for?


Miracles are whatever they mean to you. They can be big, medium or small. It could be as little as hearing laughter each and every morning, to waking up healthy and alive, to being financially free by December 2019.

Don’t limit yourself. I believe that life loves us wholeheartedly and only wants the best for us. Even when to us, it looks like things are not going how we want, there is usually something for us to learn, grow and develop from it, hence why we experienced it in the first place.

In 2019, I would love to be with my life partner and live a life full of joy, creativity, discovery and adventure. Speak at minimum 5 conferences in the USA and have the #20,000speakupandout programme begin to build momentum with a minimum of 3,000 women trained in public speaking this year.

Once you have answered the questions above, then perhaps keep them where you can see them daily, weekly or monthly.
Schedule things into your diary. As with many things, if we don’t, we forget about them in the hubbub of the busyness of life.
Give gratitude every day. This will bring you more of the things that you are grateful for into your life.

So as I end, I give gratitude to you my reader and sharer of life. I honour, bless you and salute the greatness of who you are in the world.

Until you and I connect again, I wish you Love, Peace and Joy.