The T.H.I.N.K. methodology comprises five thinking principles geared towards transforming thinking, transforming performance and elevating results.  The principles are game-changers.

Each of the letters in the T.H.I.N.K. methodology are delivered as individual keynotes, breakout sessions or workshops. Studies have shown that having delegates focus on one key point will have the most lasting impact.

I will personally get on a briefing call with you, where dependent on your and the delegate’s needs, I will suggest the appropriate topic and tailor it accordingly.  I will ensure that you will have from me what you need when you need it.  Lastly, I will make it my mission that you will be happy that you engaged in my services.

The delegates will be inspired and have powerful access to these tools that can be used consistently after the presentation to elevate their way of being, actions and results in all areas of their lives.






Did you know that it is not what you doing that creates results, it is actually who you are being?  The problem is that when most people don’t get their desired results, they usually go back to their to-do list, and re-plan.  Or if their team is not performing to their desired results, they look at the team’s performance, but rarely do people look at who are they ‘Being’ as the first step.

As part of this unique T.H.I.N.K. methodology, in this presentation, the delegates will have access to transform any challenge, problem, or difficulty they are dealing with at that moment and create a new possibility, and new actions.  They will experience new-found freedom, self-expression, improved communication, performance and connectedness when they apply this concept consistently.

Delegates will:

  • Being able to use this simple concept to transform any circumstance or situation
  • Improve their relationship with themselves and others
  • Be more resilient in the face of challenges and problems
  • Become whomever they desire to ‘Be’ whatever the circumstance
  • Be powerful, bold, confident and courageous whenever they choose

Available In Person, Virtual or Hybrid:

  • Keynote
  • Break-out session
  • Workshop
  • Masterclass

    “AWESOME, INSPIRING, AND A GAME-CHANGER”, are some of the words colleagues used to describe your session. You got us to dig deep and find our inner strength and realise that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves.   A colleague said “I’ve come away so positive and optimistic – not about work but life in general. I’m going to apply everything Elaine said!

    Karen Wallace, Inclusion and Diversity Manager, SCRA




    Do you know anyone who is known for being their word? They always follow through on what they say they will do, even when others are not watching.

    The problem is that many people in life feel that without being their word, life still works.  If you took a microscope you would find that it really doesn’t

    The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of integrity is ‘whole and complete.’ A building has integrity, without this, it would fall down. The transport system has integrity, to run to a timetable. When they do not honor their word, there is an immense impact.  Why do we humans think that we don’t need to honor our word and that things still work?

    This conversation will elevate your organisation, teams and individuals’ performance, productivity and profits.

      As a result of taking part, the attendees will:

      • Come away with a heightened awareness of not being their word
      • Be invigorated to incorporate being their word in their personal and professional life
      • Increase performance, productivity and better at their role
      • Communicate to their teams, why ‘being our word’ is good for business
      • Be happier because life begins to work well

      Available In Person, Virtual or Hybrid:

      • Keynote
      • Break-out session
      • Workshop
      • Masterclass



      The audience thought the session was brilliant, inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking. You made them think about their behaviour and changing behaviours. The session was very interactive and initiated a wide discussion.

      Lynn Hill, Clinical Educator (Post Graduate Medical Education), North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust


      Communicating with confidence is something that most people aspire to do well but their fears, nerves and ego get in the way of leaving a great impact.

      Whether it is standing up and talking in a meeting, delivering a presentation or sharing their voice, opinions, and views with others being someone who is credible will be swayed by who you are being and how you communicate.

      When you Communicate With Confidence you get to touch, move and inspire others.

      During this highly interactive presentation, Elaine will share tips and tools that will enable the audience to begin to present with confidence, keep their audiences engaged, and become visible as a great leader through their fabulous communication skills.

      As a result of taking part, the attendees will:

      • Increase their ability to persuade and influence
      • Be more confident to stand up with authority and have an impact
      • Manage any fears and nerves that many have stopped them before
      • Inspire, motivate and persuade any audience with their message

      Available In Person, Virtual or Hybrid:

      • Keynote
      • Break-out session
      • Workshop
      • Masterclass


        “Delegates loved Elaine’s session, they left smiling and wanting more. Many commented on how inspiring and engaging the session was. Within a week of working with Elaine for the first time, we confirmed her for our 5 events!”

        Kirstie McMillan Senior Events Manager, Westminster Briefing, Dods


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