The T.H.I.N.K. methodology comprises five thinking principles geared towards transforming thinking, transforming performance and elevating results.  The principles are game-changers.

Each of the letters in the T.H.I.N.K. methodology are delivered as individual keynotes, breakout sessions or workshops. Studies have shown that having attendees focus on one key point will have the most lasting impact.

I will personally get on a briefing call with you, where dependent on your and the attendee’s needs, I will suggest the appropriate topic and tailor it accordingly.  I will ensure that you will have from me what you need when you need it.  Lastly, I will make it my mission that you will be happy that you engaged in my services.

The attendees will be inspired and have powerful access to these tools that can be used consistently after the presentation to elevate their way of being, actions and results in all areas of their lives.



“Your results will increase, when applying this simple but effective principle”


Have you ever wondered why you, your team, or your organization aren’t performing to the best of their abilities? 

One of the hidden secrets is that they are not honoring their word to themselves and others.  In this engaging, interactive presentation, Elaine Powell will reveal why it is imperative to honor one’s word and the true impact on others, and your leadership when you don’t honor your word or communicate effectively that you will have to break your word.  

Lastly, you will learn the surprising benefits when one begins to truly honor your word (no matter how small) in your leadership, teams and personal life.  By doing this you will consistently increase your performance, productivity, profits, and your general well-being.

You and those attending will:

  • Reveal areas of your life that are not working, so that you can deal with them powerfully
  • Uncover the hidden impact of not ‘being your word’ is having in not just one area but in all areas of your life
  • Learn the importance of honoring your word in your personal and professional life
  • Discover how to implement the “Be Your Word Blueprint’ within your teams to increase performance, productivity, and profits
  • Learn how “Being Your Word Blueprint” increases your leadership, confidence, self-worth, and standing within yourself and your teams

Available In Person, Virtual or Hybrid:

  • Keynote
  • Break-out session
  • Workshop
  • Masterclass

“AWESOME, INSPIRING, AND A GAME-CHANGER”, are some of the words colleagues used to describe your session. You got us to dig deep and find our inner strength and realise that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves.   A colleague said “I’ve come away so positive and optimistic – not about work but life in general. I’m going to apply everything Elaine said!

Karen Wallace, Inclusion and Diversity Manager, SCRA

“It is not what you are doing that creates results, it is who you are being”


“Transforming Your Challenges Into Your Desired Results” 

Did you know that it is not what you are doing that creates results, it is actually who you are being? 

When people don’t get their desired results, they usually go back to their to-do list or they review their team’s actions. Rarely do people look at who they are ‘Being’ as the first step.  We are not ‘human doings’, we are ‘human beings.’  It is in our title and yet most people do not focus on that fundamental important point.

In this thought-provoking, interactive presentation, you will be provided with a powerful ‘BDH’ methodology to follow, when you are dealing with all challenges.  By applying the ‘BDH’ methodology you will have access to create a new way of being in that moment, giving you access to new actions, followed by impactful new results. 

A powerful methodology that works in all areas of your life.

    As a result of taking part, the attendees will:

    • Understand why you are not creating your desired results in areas of your life that are important to you
    • Learn the ‘BDH’ methodology that will leave you empowered, confident, and in action

    • Discover how you can transform your challenges into successes

    • Learn how to use the ‘BDH’ methodology consistently to get incredible results

    • Gain the confidence needed to consistently overcome any challenge, problem, or difficulty you encounter in life

    Available In Person, Virtual or Hybrid:

    • Keynote
    • Break-out session
    • Workshop
    • Masterclass


    The audience thought the session was brilliant, inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking. You made them think about their behaviour and changing behaviours. The session was very interactive and initiated a wide discussion.

    Lynn Hill, Clinical Educator (Post Graduate Medical Education), North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

    “Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess” Richard Branson


    Do you aspire to present with confidence?  This is something that most people aspire to do well but many do not. Whether it is standing up talking at a meeting, an event, or delivering a presentation, too many people think that just because they can speak makes them a speaker.  It does not!

    During this interactive talk, Elaine Powell will share personal stories, and provide powerful tools, and applicable concepts that will enable you to present with confidence.  You will come away with the mental mindset of a powerful communicator, ready to connect, engage and transform the life of those listening.

    As a result of taking part, the attendees will:

    • Learn how to deal effectively with your nerves, fears, and anxiety around speaking

    • Discover how to deliver an enthusiastic and well-practiced presentation

    • Learn how to communicate information clearly and concisely to your audience

    • Discover how to present with confidence that touches, moves, and inspires others.

    • Learn how to be persuasive, inspirational, and charismatic when speaking

    Available In Person, Virtual or Hybrid:

    • Keynote
    • Break-out session
    • Workshop
    • Masterclass

    “Delegates loved Elaine’s session, they left smiling and wanting more. Many commented on how inspiring and engaging the session was. Within a week of working with Elaine for the first time, we confirmed her for our 5 events!”

    Kirstie McMillan Senior Events Manager, Westminster Briefing, Dods


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