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24 Leading Experts Sharing Their Expertise And Insight To Help Your Personal Development

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“What wasn’t expected, was the explosion of knowledge about how conferences/events take place and the magnitude of involvement of the different parties.”

“Thanks so much for introducing me to some pretty awesome people to follow (including yourself!).”

“I’ve been watching all of the interviews and really appreciate the work you’ve put into all of them. I just turned 60 years old, so I don’t suppose there is a big demand for elderly new speakers. I’m don’t know if/how you can help me but I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it the series, and learning from it, regardless of where it leads me. If I can cull just one small “Golden Nugget”, it will have been worth the time.”

“I truly love your video series. Great initiative!”

“Just dropping in to congratulate you on the summit. I wanted to let you know that the summit looks Amazing. Thank you for all you are doing.”

“Can you give my greetings and THANK YOU to all the other speakers who cooperated too! For me this online training comes at the perfect moment. It helps me to achieve my goals for the further as a social entrepreneur and also to become a (keynote) speaker.”

“The Speakerpreneur interview series is phenomenal. Thank you. In fact, it is so good I put back the launch of my own business by a couple of weeks so that I have the time to watch them. There is so much excellent content in every one.”

Thank you Elaine for the behind the scenes look at other speakers journey.”

“Thank you for putting together the Speakerpreneur Interviews – great and valuable content and you have done an amazing job both interviewing as gathering interesting and relevant experts”

“Thank you for these fantastic interviews, they are all truly inspirational.”

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Elaine Powell

Elaine Powell is an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach and founder of SWC Training & Consultancy. A company dedicated to transforming individuals and organisations human potential. We aim to get the best out of our clients, through presentations and training on leadership mindset, communication and public speaking.

Elaine has trained over 25,000 people and delivered over 600 workshops in the art of peak performance and public speaking, curated a TEDx event and is a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor.

Elaine says “we only have one life to live, so every day, be grateful, be kind, be generous, be supportive, be loving, because whatever you give out will come back to you tenfold.

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