When you feel stuck in life.

When was the last time that you felt stuck in your life?  Stuck doing the same things? Stuck knowing that you need to make a change but unsure which change that is? 

When was the last time that you felt stuck in your life?  Stuck doing the same things? Stuck knowing that you need to make a change but unsure which change that is?  They say madness is doing the same thing, expecting different results.  I concur.  It was time for me to make a dramatic different action, but we will get to that eventually.

You see, I have felt stuck for the past couple of months.  My business is growing at a steady pace, not a meteoric pace as I would like but slowly I am getting more speaking engagements, impacting more people through keynotes and delivering workshops.  But my growth has definitely has not been in line with my vision of where I want to be in the next few years.

I am sure you have a vision of where you would like to be.  Whether it is your career, your lifestyle or in your personal relationships.  Daydreaming and visualisation are really powerful tools to engage and if kept alive, can enable us to fulfill our desires relatively quickly.  The downside is do we take all the necessary actions, in order for our desires to manifest.  If you do, well done.  If like me, sometimes I do and many times I don’t.

Which pathway to take?

I really do believe that “everything happens for a reason” and that when something shows up in my life, it is life knocking on the door saying “here you are, take this path, it is going to take you to where you need to be.”  When I have trusted and just taken actions, it has usually worked out or there was a valuable lesson that I needed to learn.  When I turned away from what was being presented to me, because of fear, mistrust or doubt, I stayed where I was, stagnant, not moving forward.

So that is where I found myself last Friday, feeling stuck. 

The weekend prior I had been doing a personal development course at Landmark Worldwide about creating your life from a blank canvas.  What would that look like?  What would be possible for you?  What conversations would you have?

I had met a few people over the weekend and scheduled a call to speak to one woman in particular.  This woman was an entrepreneur empowering women throughout the world and ran retreats in Europe.   We spoke about how she had managed to expand her businesses and create exponential growth in a relatively short time.

One thing that stuck out for me was that she had a business coach within a business coaching programme in the USA.  Now having coached myself over the years and having been coached, I know that coaching is one of the most effective ways to enable getting powerful results in life.   Look at all the top athletes in the world.  They would not be there without a coach, who sees their blind spots and can guide them on their path.

Knowing that I needed to take a new action, I immediately set a call with the business coaching programme to see if their support would enable me to get to where I needed to go.

The call was very powerful.  I shared where I envisaged my life in 5 years’ time.  No holding back, just pure unadulterated visioning.  How I wanted to impact hundreds of thousands of people to live a really big life, full of joy, happiness, and vitality.  A marriage to a wonderful man and the child I wanted to adopt.  Then we looked at where I am currently.  Now the course is not cheap.  Around £10,000, not cheap. 

There is a conversation you will have to have with yourself about money.  My conversation is that money is abundant and it flows to me when it is needed, which it actually does.  Start to look at your relationship with money.  What is it you say to yourself about it.  Possibility whatever your conversation is around it, is actually your reality.  If you are saying, I am broke, I don’t have any money, guess what, you won’t keep money long.  Words are powerful and you create your reality, so in fact, they might actually be keeping that state of play in place.  Something to think about.

How to get unstuck

I was at a crossroads.  Big risk, big rewards.  No action, no results.  I know my capability.  I know that if I put my mind to something I can achieve it but my hesitation in shelling out that type of money once again had me stuck.

I had another conversation with the coach that was going to shift my actions.  I had previously listened to a podcast relating to the coaching programme.  The founder spoke about, having something to aim for that was huge, bigger than yourself, something that has you keep on going until you reach your end destination.

This sparked two big things that I would be my catalyst.

The first related to a trip I tool In 2018.  I was speaking at a woman conference in Rome.  During one of the sessions, about 10 women sat around a large table declaring what we were going to be up to in the world that was bigger than ourselves.  I said that I wanted to train 20,000 women in public speaking over three years in Nigeria or Ghana.  Coming back to the UK, I started to have conversations but didn’t power through to fulfill on it.  So that is something that I am taking on starting and my ‘why’ to finishing this programme.

The second is personal.  I have begun the adoption process and after my child has been placed with me, they advised that I do not work for a year so that the child has a stable environment and we can bond.  As a business owner, not working for a whole year is definitely a challenge, financially and with the possibility of losing clients.  So creating part of my business to be an online speaking programme seems a logical step, so that I can reach more people and be able to be at home with my family.

Once I saw that reaching those two goals would expand my life and is, of course, it is possible.  I jumped on board.  I took action and signed up for the business coaching programme.

Now going forward, I am going to utilise all the tools that I teach others; being your word, responsibility, be do have, pitching my business, service to others and know that with a community and support we can all fulfill on what is important to us.

Now I know this blog has mainly been about myself but I wanted to share what I have been going through so that you can see something for yourself.  If you are stuck, what is showing up in your life, that might be a lifeline if you are courageous enough to just jump and know that you will land safely.  What different actions can you take that will get different results?  Is there a community out there to support you, as enabling others to assist you, guide you and just be there for you, is a powerful way to continue fulfilling on your vision for your life.

So say yes, take on new things, tread a different pathway, take new actions, see the dots start to connect to a life that has your smile and for you to live a truly powerful, incredible life.