Part 1 - You are always winning the game you are playing?


      If you are always winning the game you are playing, which game are you playing?

      You would think, that would be easy to discern, yes?  You would just look at your results and it would tell you what game you are playing in say, the area of your speaking or business.  

      But, if you aren’t getting the desired results, then are you really playing the game, you think you are playing?  Let’s dig deeper.

      My peak performance coach said, “Elaine, you know that you are always winning the game you are playing?“

      I must admit, it had me stopped when I first heard it.

      I thought, “If that’s so, what game am I playing in my dating because right now, it sucks? 

      And it definitely doesn’t feel like I am winning because I am still single.  Mmmm!

      So I had to ask myself two questions:

      1. What game am I playing? and
      2. What game am I winning?

      What game am I playing?

      So I said to my coach, “Around my dating, I am looking at dating profiles, swiping much more left and rarely right.  I go on occasional dates.  I sit home alone, thinking, seriously… when am I going to meet the one?  So those are the things that I am doing, and that is the game I am playing”

      My coach just looked at me smiling and said,  “I can see you think you are playing that game, let’s look at what game are you really playing?”

      What game am I really playing?

      “Time to get honest with yourself Elaine, what do your actions, really show?”

      “Well, I’m not going on many dates about 3-4 a year, I am whining to my girlfriends constantly, I am not being open to just get to know potential men and see where it goes, and I am being alone and lonely at home.”

      What game am I winning?

      Then I got it…. Shit!

      The game I was playing and winning very successfully, was being Single!  Damn! 

      I was saying that I was playing the game to be in a relationship but my actions were saying that I was going to be successfully single… 

      You see it is funny, many times people look at what they are saying and think that that is the game they are playing… whereas if they really looked at their actions, the statement says “you are always winning the game you are PLAYING”?

      There is a game that you say with your mouth but there is a game that you are actually playing in reality.

      What game do I want to play?

      So, as I sat at home thinking about the conversation, and what game I really wanted to play, I chose to play the game of being in a loving, committed relationship.

      I asked myself, “What actions would I take to win that game?”

      Well, I would swipe right, more often… Lol, I would be open to finding out more about my dates, I would go on 2 dates a week minimum and I would share on the dates that I was looking for a loving, committed relationship.

      In playing that game… I did, in fact, meet somebody… Bingo!

      Now, it is your turn.  You can spend time working through the questions below, to decipher what game you are playing and what game you would like to play and win.  

      Having conversations with people is the best way to discover this.  You really get to hear some amazing things for yourself in dialogue.  I did this with my friend recently and she saw that she was winning the game of ‘playing small and winning very well at it.’

      So let me know:

      • What game are you really playing with your speaking/business?
      • What game are you winning at in the world of speaking/business?
      • What game are you committed to playing?
      • What actions do you need to take to play that game?

      It would be great to know what you see for yourself.

      Let’s #Share #Learn #Grow