What Is holding You Back?

A conversation with one of my client’s the other day was interesting.


We were discussing how she could continue to raise her profile but was feeling rejected when she wasn’t asked to speak at a forthcoming women’s event. The conversation turned to what is holding you back? She answered “how many times do I have to knock on people’s doors to let them know I am here to speak.”


I said “until they open the door.”

What Holds You Back – And What Can You Do About It?

Keep On Trying

Sometimes you can contact event organisers to let them know you are available to speak and for whatever reason, you don’t get asked to speak.

It could be that:

– your topics were not right for their event

– you didn’t really research the event to know if you were a good fit

– do you have a speaking strategy or are you just being random when picking event

– they had already chosen their speaker line-up

– you are contacting them too near to their event (realistically it should be 6-12 months in advance)

– did you send a pitch email

– did you show them where you could add value

– did you follow up, follow up, follow up

Let see what story I tell to backup my point.

Some Actions Are Better Than None

I recently saw that one of my friends Jessica Huie was speaking at Dream

Nation. I thought “let me get on their radar and offer my services as a speaker.”

You never know speakers can drop out last minute. This happens quite a bit, due to illness and various incidences coming up unexpectedly.

So I did that and also mentioned how I could add value to their event and sent them my speakers biography.

Low and behold, you put something out into the universe and creation begins.

Five days later they contacted me to say that their speakers line-up was secure but a panelist on their Q&A session on the main stage had pulled out and that

with my expertise would I share my insights, obstacles, knowledge and stories on leadership. Result!

Donald Miller of Story Brand said that you need to speak out about 8 times before people take

notice and that is just taking notice. We are not even talking about them taking action
which will take a lot more interaction.

The thing to do is to be consistent in whatever you are doing and you will eventually reap the rewards.

Actions To Take To Keep On People’s Radar

So my advice to you all is:

– Research events so you understand their vision, mission and values

– Look at event’s previous speakers and their topics

– Send a pitch email to event organisers

– Follow up, follow up, follow up

– Send in your speakers bio

– Add a speakers page to your website

– Create a speaking video/showreel

– Join A Speakers Association

– Be prepared to speak for free but get footage/photographs if you are

not able to sell from the stage

– Tell everyone you are available to speak

– Develop yourself as a speaker

– Continually share the events you speak at on social media

I look forward to seeing you on the world’s stage. Remember to continually be unleashing your speaking greatness in the world.

Until the next time.

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