How do you attract your ideal client?


      Whether you are just starting a business and you haven’t sold anything yet and you are still searching for your audience; or

      You have an existing business and the last few weeks that have been really scary and really tough for you; or 

      You have a business that is really thriving right now.

      SIGNATURE PRESENTATION is the POWER STEP for you for all business owners to have ready when the opportunity arises or you make that door open.

      Having one, enables you to be prepared so that you have the right thing to say, whether it is on a webinar, interview or zoom call, people will want to be drawn to you because you can utilise elements of that signature presentation, again and again, and again.

      Most entrepreneurs and business owners know that speaking is the fastest way to raise their visibility, attract their ideal clients, and make an incredible income but knowing where to start can be challenging at times. 

      I know, it took me a lot of wasted years finding out how to do all of that with speed and velocity.  One of the keys to my success was creating my signature presentation. 

      But before you can get to that you will need to spend time getting CLARITY on some other key elements:

      –    Knowing your NICHE AND POSITION in the market

      –    Understanding your TARGET AUDIENCE inside out

      –    Turning your MESS INTO A MESSAGE

      –    How to position yourself as AN EXPERT in your industry, and have your BRAND stand out

      When you have those things in place, it has your message dialled in and flexible enough to transform into whatever platform you are on.

      Let’s start off with NICHING AND POSITIONING

      Firstly, what is a niche, and positioning?  The dictionary defines niche, as a small, specialized market for a particular product or service or person.

      Every speaker has a niche that they will direct their business and presentations towards.  One of the things to look at is picking a market that will benefit from hearing your message, and then focus your attention on marketing and sending them your marketing geared to hook their attention and give them high value.  

      You can begin by asking yourself, who wants to hear my message and which market would benefit the most from hearing that? 

      Even if you know your niche and position, you have never arrived, there are always deeper levels to drill down into it and uncover.


      I recently had a call with a man who was interested in my year-long, Amplify Your Voice, Message and Impact Program and was struggling with finding his niche, well he was actually resisting niching, to put it mildly.

      You see, James was an ex restauranteur turned life coach and when I asked “James, who is your ideal audience,” he said, “I am called to serve everyone.”  

      Great, but when you are starting out it really is better to niche, as there are hundreds of thousands of coaches.  Niching and positioning SET YOU APART FROM OTHERS in a very crowded market. Remember, Richard Branson didn’t start with the Virgin empire, he started selling records in a small record shop in London.  


      James agreed to play the game of niching and who was he called to serve.  He mentioned real estate, financiers, brokers, and the list went on.

      I eventually said, “James can I be honest with you.  It seems like you are willing to forget your area of expertise, as if life had given you 15 years as a restauranteur only for you to put it to the side and not utilise it.”

      You see, what I have found is that EVERYTHING that I have experienced in my life was for a reason and had a purpose.   I shared how I had resisted delivering public speaking only as I didn’t see how speaking could really change people’s lives, the same as mindset transformation.  Then I realised that life had put all those things into my life for me to use them.

      I realised that by instilling a Leadership Mindset into those that I work with, I transform their lives, and then I had the speaking expertise to guide them to how they can amplify that message through speaking.  DOUBLE WIN.

      “James, what would it be like to help serve those restauranteurs who may be struggling, because you know their challenges, you speak their language, you have stories they can relate to?”

      “But Elaine, if you knew some of them were, you would know why I don’t want to speak or work with them.”  

      “This is WHY they need you, James.  Those people are obviously feeling pain, have challenges, are struggling mentally, or else they wouldn’t be showing up that way in the world.”  He was silent for a very long time.

      It was then that the lightbulb went off in his head and he said, “Elaine, I cannot thank you enough.  I have been resisting this for SO long and spoken to so many coaches around this.  It is only now, that I can see how MY PAST CAN SERVE MY FUTURE.”

      For the first time, I am super excited to make a difference in that industry and I know how I can serve them.”

      Then he started to connect the dots of someone else who does something with that industry and how he can joint venture and off he went… Niche set firmly in place.

      So why not get a piece of paper and start listing out you:

      –  Experience – What experiences do you have in life? These can be either personal or professional.

      –  Expertise/knowledge – This is paramount, people hire experts in their field who can speak.

      –  Awards/recognition – Perhaps, you’ve won some type of award or recognition that gives you credibility in a particular space.

      –  Passion – So what gets you excited? What is your favourite topic?

      –  Relevance – Is this relevant to a specific group of people, is there a market for it?

      Why not take the time to expand on each of these five areas.  It will help you become more explicit and discover elements of yourself and the area about which you speak.

      Even if you already have the area you speak about, spend time writing out and defining more for yourself, say how you enjoy talking about this niche.  A useful exercise to do, also you can use what you write as content for your marketing.  

      It would be great, to hear what are you hearing for yourself?

      What is coming up for you around your niching?

      Let’s #Share #Learn #Grow