Happiness Is Always An Inside Job

Happiness always has to start with you.  Your perception, your interpretation of something.  The question is how can you sustain your happiness?

Finding Your Happiness


What does it mean to find your happiness?

Well, I believe that happiness is an inside job.

It starts with each and every one of us, making a choice to be happy regardless of our circumstances, regardless of situations, regardless of what evidence we have to the contrary. Easier said than done, I hear you say.

integrity - the mountain that has no top

I deliver talks and workshops on effective communication and leadership mindset; how to be powerful, resilient, bold, happy and vulnerable in order to lead an incredible life. The reality is that it is not always sustainable to be happy all the time.

There are challenging times that we all go through and in going through these, it gives us contrast, lessons to learn and enables us to see the beauty of the other side of the coin.

I went through a difficult relationship uncoupling recently and I allowed it to knock my happiness, confidence and self-worth, by focusing on what I didn’t have, instead of what I did have and also importantly what I wanted in the future.

It can be so easy to look at our life, at all the reasons not to be happy; not enough money, no partner relationship, arguments with a family member or not where we thought we would be in our career.

By going through the pain, it enables us to be aware of how to sustain our happiness in those difficult times. The aim is not to stay in the pain, in the upset for too long.

The focus needs to be to consciously bounce back quickly.

Being aware of your thoughts

Recently, I began listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks, the law of attraction podcasts on Youtube. They speak about how we are made up of energy and that our most dominant thoughts, create emotions that give off a vibrational frequency.

Bruce Lipton’s research stated that 90%-95% of thinking is unconscious.

So if what triggers our energy frequency is our thinking, how can we be aware of what we are thinking? One word, Emotions.

Our emotions are an indicator of what we are thinking about.

Are you feeling anxious, nervous frustrated? Be conscious of what is it that you are thinking that is creating those feelings.

Are you feeling happy, relaxed or peaceful?

Once again, there will be something you are thinking that is creating those feelings and you will be omitting energy at that frequency. Have you ever spent time with somebody who is angry, upset, in the world of blame and frustration and at the end of your time with them, you feel drained of energy, tired in fact? Or you have spent time with somebody who is uplifting, fun, vibrant and afterwards, you too feel energised? Well, there has been a transference of energy.

Humans are Duracell batteries

Most of our energy leaves us in the form of heat, we radiate roughly about 350,000 J of energy per hour. Since watt is just joules per second, this is roughly equal to the energy given off by a 100 Watt light bulb.

We are a walking Duracell battery full of energy and vibrations.

Dr Brad demonstrates this phenomenon via tuning forks. He says “that if you strike a tuning fork that vibrates at 512 Hz, all other tuning forks of the same frequency would respond by humming. Similarly, if you strike a tuning fork and place it against a glass pane, the glass will also vibrate at the same frequency. Now, consider these: we are vibrational beings and emotions also vibrate at different frequencies.”

As you can see from the chart above anything above 250 omits a high vibrational frequency and the aim is to stay as much as possible, in that frequency range to attract the same back.

Do you know somebody who lives a lot inside upset, pain, fear and they just seem to attract more of the same into their life?

Or somebody who people deem lucky but if you looked deeper, they are always energised, active, optimistic, resilient?

It is the energy vibrations they are giving off, that is attracting things into their life.

How then, do you keep your vibrational happiness frequency, vibrating at a level that will draw things into your life that will expand you?

Find things that give you joy, love and happiness


thumbs up

What gives me happiness is flowers. I love the colours, the smell, the perfection and imperfections, the feeling when someone gives them to me as an appreciation of who I am in the world?

What is it that enables you to stay in a place of happiness?

Is it the people you surround yourself with, listening or playing music, spending time drawing or painting. Or places that you frequent that raise your vibration of happiness.

Perhaps over the next week or so, become conscious about what is that has you radiate happiness and begin to focus on that more.

Start your day as you mean to carry on

In order to keep my energy at the optimum level, I have begun to start the day with prayer, thanking God, life for the health and safety of my family and friends.

I then spend ten minutes in a state of gratitude, whatever that might be that morning.

It could be the sunshine, or birds tweeting or the fact that I had a good nights sleep.

Afterwards, I get quiet for around 10 minutes of meditating (calming my mind) and getting connected to Love?

I then consciously spend the day in appreciation of all things around me. As I sit writing this blog, there is a man sitting across from me with bright pink hair, that is definitely making me smile?

This might not feel natural to you at first, to be conscious to be in your happy zone but like all of us, we are stuck inside patterns, behaviours and auto-pilots.

Therefore by doing something different and being consistent over time, we can change anything.

We all have neuro-plasticity which is the ability of the brain to form and reorganise synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

So the main thing is to stick with it.

Do it frequently and not only will you feel happier, but your life will also get better and you will have such a positive impact on those around you.

Create your morning ritual.

Put it in your diary to remind you and be conscious of creating sustainable happiness that exudes who you truly are.

A radiating energy of light.