Did you do this one important thing during the recent pandemic?


      During this time of Covid-19, have you given yourself the headspace and time to reflect?

      A little while ago, I was speaking with a really dear friend about a Speakerpreneur interview series that had just finished and I was ready to jump onto the next thing.  

      She said, “Elaine, consider that after every upheaval, change, growth, there is a time to reflect, a time to be still and a time to just PAUSE.  Why not just be still and digest what you have just done?” and so I took a deep breath and just paused.

      How many times have you done something that you were really proud of, and then you took the time to sit back, celebrate your win, maybe even buy yourself a little gift to say well done and then just PAUSED.

      You see, I am what is called a fast ‘twitch person.’  I think fast, speak fast, take actions fast, learn fast (I make mistakes because I am not always taking my time) but I get a lot of results because of it too. 

      If you had watched my summit interview in the series, you would have seen a picture of me aged three with a plaster on my knee because I was always running around fast.  I guess some things never change.

      I believe our inner voice is always calling forth what is next for us.  We live in such a ‘do, do, do world,’ that is so action and results orientated that we forget that sometimes doing NOTHING is actually the best non-action to take.

      When you think back to your life, there must have been times that you listened to your inner voice, that said pause and did just that – PAUSED.

      In 2019, I took a month off and went to Bali and in particular Ubud.  OMG if you haven’t been to Bali, put it on your list of places to go, it is super amazing.

      I remember I went there because I was going to work on a group programme I was developing and obviously to embrace the gorgeous hot weather.  Being of Caribbean blood, I am always cold.  But I digress.

      I gave myself a few days to settle in, I told myself “just walk around, taste the gorgeous food and then I will start to work properly on Wednesday.” Wednesday came and true to my word, I sat in the workspace and began to work.

      But a funny thing happened a week later.  My body and my mind were saying to me “Elaine PAUSE, just PAUSE.”  And so I did.  I put down my laptop and started to embrace all the wonders of Ubud.  The countless yoga classes, the sound gong sessions in a pyramid, Bali massages (trust me they are small in size but super strong) and the food.  Well, don’t get me started.  

      I then decided to do a whole body detox.  I juiced for seven days and had three colonic irrigation sessions.  Yup, three.  I will pause there and not go any further expanding on that one… Lol.

      I also became a vegan for two weeks after, which was A-ma-zing.  Especially when you don’t have to prepare and cook the food yourself.  

      At the end of my four weeks there, I felt refreshed and renewed in my mind, body and spirit.

      Ultimately the thing that I went there to do, which was to write a group coaching programme was not what was needed.  What was needed was a PAUSE?

      When I came back, I made a decision not to work at the weekends, if I could help it and give myself more time to sit back, reflect and PAUSE.

      Now I am not sure what you are hearing for yourself here, but I do feel because of what is happening with the Coronavirus and this isolation period, you may have taken the time to just PAUSE.  

      • PAUSE to think
      • PAUSE to digest
      • PAUSE to reflect on your life and what is next for you

      If you didn’t then now might be a good time to do just that before we get back to going outside to socialise.

      If you did, then I would like you to ask yourself some questions, before life perhaps gets busier again and you jump into something else.

      Ask yourself these simple four questions:

      • What did this time disturb in you?
      • What did this time confirm for you?
      • What has really stood out for you that you can implement now or in the future?
      • What do you now see that you didn’t see before?

      Powerful questions means that you will get powerful answers.

      I would LOVE to hear from you regarding those questions below, as I will be doing the very same thing myself… PAUSING.

      Love and Light