Be funny and more money as a speaker


Funny thing did you know that there are actual medical reasons why we enjoy a good giggle? 

Laughter relaxes the body, decreasing physical tension and stress which in turn boosts the immune system. It also increases blood flow to your heart and stimulates the release of endorphins, your body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

Because chortling makes us feel so good, we are prepared to pay top dollar to experience something funny. That is why speakers who can make their audience laugh earn higher than average fees.

Joking aside 

Adding a splash of humour into your presentation is a great idea, providing it’s done well. Unless you are a naturally funny person who can spontaneously find humour in situations as they arise throughout your presentation, you will need to prepare ahead. 

That means writing some comments and funny asides that you know will amuse your audience. Keep your listeners in mind when writing your comments and be careful not to offend or humiliate anyone. 

Avoid telling actual jokes. Professional comics make it look so easy but it’s a real art that takes time to master. I found this out for myself when I enrolled on a 10-week stand-up comedy course many years ago then actually went onto the comedy circuit for three months.  

Standing in front of an audience who was waiting for me to make them laugh, I really felt the pressure to prevent a ‘crickets and tumbleweed’ situation from happening! It was a scary experience but completely worthwhile as learning how to interject more humour into my presentations has paid off handsomely in the long run. 

I highly recommend taking a short comedy course to grow your skills as a speaker. Doing so will increase your confidence, enhance your delivery and stage presence, and teach you so much about yourself. 

Finding the funny 

Since that first foray into laughter land, I have taken numerous comedy courses and comedy writing courses. But while I am now adept at writing humour into my presentations, I still find that my funniest material occurs spontaneously as I am speaking. 

The real funny happens when I am being my true self and I am totally connected with the moment and with my audience. I let the humour flow out naturally and the audience appreciates it and goes along with me on the joke. 

I believe our role as speakers is to take the audience on a dance of discovery, fun, play and transformation. Humour is a wonderful tool to relax and disarm your listeners, opening up their minds to listen, learn and evolve. 

Speaking of experts…

As a special treat, I’d like to share with you an interview I did with Judy Carter, one of the funniest comics around. In a comedy career that spans more than three decades, Judy has opened for Prince, taught Seth Rogan, and written three books about the laughter craft.

View the interview HERE>>

Watch it now to learn:

  •   how to connect with others quickly and on a deeper level
  •   how you can spread your message for impact
  •   how to find a topic that will inspire you get you booked as a speaker
  •   just how much fun I had talking to Judy! 

Potent stuff

Don’t underestimate the power of a good laugh. A comment I hear a lot after adding a natural burst of humour to a presentation is “OMG that was awesome! Can I bottle you and take you with me?” You can get feedback like that too with a well-timed funny observation.

Happy laughing.

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