Are you where you thought you would be in your life?


Whats Holding You Back

      Have you ever been frustrated that you just aren’t where you thought you would be at this point in your life?

      I remember, when a friend said to me “Elaine, you know you are 100% responsible for your life and the power is in owning that you have created your life so far.”   It was obvious.  I knew it but it really hadn’t hit home.  Then it did.

      ‘Oy Vie!’ Is the term that sprung to mind.  No, I’m not Jewish but I feel those two little words, expresses so much.

      Now don’t get me wrong, there were parts of my life where I was happy.  Good relationships with my family, I traveled a lot but when I looked at my career… I was not satisfied with where I was at that point in my life.

      Can you relate to that? Whether it is in your career, relationship, marriage, health, or your finances.  

      You see I had been a public speaking coach for around six years at that point and had been going out delivering presentations on stage for just a few years.  I was being paid relatively small amounts as I wasn’t even being responsible for owning my worth.

      I remember after that conversation with my friend, really sitting back, thinking, am I satisfied with the life that I have created?  It definitely wasn’t what I had envisaged when I was in my twenties.  It made me really take stock of ‘reality.’

      “So, if I am 100% responsible for my life.  That means not blaming others for situations and circumstances because that will leave me powerless and at times a victim.  If I have created my life so far, what do I want to create next?”

      Now you might already have taken stock of this in your life but at that point in my life, I never really grasped the fact that WE ARE ALL CREATORS.

      I got so excited.  Yes, it is so simple, I had been going through my life, blindly creating things, thinking that things were happening to me, coincidences appeared, and not owning that I am the instrument that CHOOSES how things will impact me, because we are the conductors to our orchestra.

      • We are the main star in our own movie
      • We are the wind beneath our wings
      • We are the curry paste to our masala

      (Well, had to use the power of three, with the third one used as contrast).

      Anyway, I pulled up my big girl pants and decided to be 100% responsible and create the dreams and life that I wanted for myself and others.  And not only that, but the power was also being 100% responsible for my internal dialogue and what I was choosing to focus on in my dialogue.  

      “Where focus goes, energy flows.”
      So let me ask you.  If you were to take on board being 100% responsible for all areas of your life; your health, finances, business, relationships, what would be possible?

      Now I am not saying you are 100% responsible.  There are definitely outside influences, circumstances, and situations that you can’t always control over, but putting that aside, if you took ownership, what would be possible?  

      Trust me in those areas of your life, you would take ownership and make things happen.  There would be a power to you because you would take full command of steering that ship where it needed to go, despite the waves, despite the weather, despite the hurricane.  You would become unstoppable.

      So let me ask you that again if you were to take on board being 100% responsible for all areas of your life:
      • What would be possible?
      • What would you create and
      • What actions would you take?  

      Do let me know your answers.  
      I really love reading your responses and I always reply.

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