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Today we are looking at the wonderful quote below and what

happen when you pay attention to just that.


So what does it mean?


To break it down, whatever you are giving your attention to, you will

by that very nature, give it your focus, energy and get results

because of that.




Energy is always an exchange.  It is a two way street.  If you give your

attention to the beauty of a tree, you will receive back happy,

harmonious energy.  If you focus on being nervous, then you will be

nervous and anxious.


So what are you paying attention to? and what are the results you

are receiving?


They say that “you are always winning the game you are playing.”


Stop.  Think about it.  The results you have in life, is because you are

playing a particular game.  Sometimes people are just unaware of

the game they are playing.



If you are scared of speaking in front of a large audience, then I will

predict, you aren’t speaking in front of large audiences, therefore

you are winning that game.  Just look at the results that you have

and that will tell you what game you are really playing.


When I wasn’t getting many booking for speaking, I had to sit back

and ask myself “what game am I really playing.”  What I saw  was that

my game was really “being safe and not being rejected” as I wasn’t

emailing very often.  Therefore that was a game I was definitely

winning.  So once, I recognised it for what it was, I got into action to

change the game and began contacting event organisers.


So, in today’s video, we are looking at how important it is to be

aware of “where you attention goes, your energy flows” and how to

use it to your advantage to play your game and win it.


So enjoy and remember to leave a comment.



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