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In the speaking business we know that “speakers don’t get paid to speak,

experts in their field get paid to speak.”


As such, they usually have something of value to offer the audience, as a next step.

This is called their intellectual property. This is your knowledge, expertise, creation of

your mind, inventions, ideas, designs, names, images etc.


So let me ask you, what do you have to offer an audience after you have spoken?

Are these products that can be selling online when you are sleeping or at the beach?


product concept diagram hand drawn on whiteboard
product concept diagram hand drawn on whiteboard


Is your intellectual property, a physical product like a book or is it an online

product like a video training series?  Perhaps you have coaching packages or workshops

or perhaps you have a consultancy and offer clients a bespoke package.


Whether it is one I have mentioned above or something else, as a speaker you really

do your audience a dis-service by not offering them a “what’s next step.”


All of the big brands have a “what’s next step” whether it is upscaling to a large meal

at McDonalds instead of the standard meal, to a “buy 3 and get the 2nd free” or perhaps

sign up for a product and get 20% discount on your next order.


Many brands do it so subtly and you may be so use to it, you don’t realise that we are

being presented with these options all the time.




Take Virgin Airways.  With the same aeroplane, all passengers start and end at the same

location.  They offer 3 or 4 different levels of service to choose from within that

aircraft.  Be it Economy, to Premium, to Business to First Class/Upper Class.




During my Unleash Your Speaking Greatness 3 Day Workshops, I look with the attendees

at The Ultimate M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. Process and how to harness and package all your intellectual

property into products.


Here they get to churn out all their ideas, information, knowledge, business experience and

turn them into a signature system that makes it easy:


– to deliver any presentation
– for your customers to know what yout offer
– create books, workshops, seminars, coaching programmes that can sell online at any time

You want to make sure your signature system has M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. which means it is:

– Memorable
– Accessible
– Skills
– Transform
– Expertise
– Replicable
– You


So start emptying your mind full of intellectual property into a signature system ora filing system that makes it easy to access for you and others.Remember to continually be unleashing your speaking greatness in the world.


Until the next time.


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