Storytelling is a powerful and persuasive tool that can change the way we think, act, and feel in an instant. Business owners and successful leaders know the power of storytelling and use them to connect with their teams, customers, funders, partners and the media. Stories can be entertaining but always have an objective and can be used easily to communicate complicated and technical information. Whether it is to change opinions, inspire, engage or enrol others, it is a powerful tool to master.

Great leaders are great storytellings, so if you want to learn how to deliver stories in a highly engaging and vivid way, then it is our aim to help you do that within this workshop.

During the workshop you will learn:


– What is business storytelling
– When to use stories in business
– Different types of stories
– How to deliver vivid and persuasive stories
– How to craft the 6 C’s of storytelling

At the end of the workshop you will:


– Have created your own story tree-line
– Draft an engaging personal or business story
– Learn and practice how to tell vivid and inspiring stories
– Increase your confidence and learn how to manage fear and nerves
– Start having fun being self-expressed
– Receive professional feedback

Testimonials about this workshop

Public speaking can be challenging but Elaine helps you to get into the right mindset, refine your pitch and give you the confidence to become a great speaker that people want to listen to.

Gil KahanaCo-Founder of ChattyFeet

I definitely did find it useful. And I also found it enjoyable, I like your sense of fun

Kate Myers


Pitching for new business, ideas and emotional intelligence dominates the world of business. It is an essential necessity for any business to thrive. Whether you are networking, seeking seed funding or delivering a pitch deck presentations to potential investors, customers, partners or co-founders, excelling at pitching will make a huge difference to your business.

A pitch is not a meeting, it’s the beginning of a conversation. This workshop will ensure that you have the knowledge about “who” you need to be when pitching and what goes into making a great pitch.

During the workshop you will learn:


– Why pitching is vital to any business
– Who you need to ‘Be” for people to buy into you and your business
– How to craft an engaging elevator pitch
– What goes into creating a 5 step pitch architecture
– How to be an engaging presenter and remain calm

At the end of the workshop you will:


– Know who you need to ‘Be’ when pitching
– Have an outline for your elevator and 5 minute pitch
– Have practised your elevator and 5 minute pitch
– Have more confidence to pitch your business, ideas or requests
– Understand what any audience is looking for when you are pitching
– Receive feedback on your elevator pitch

Testimonials about this workshop

The Pitching With Confidence workshop was fantastic, I love the fact that we jumped straight into practising and perfecting our pitch’s. Not a moment was wasted and so much was effortlessly packed into the schedule. Great trainer and a great programme, I have gained skills that will stay with me for a lifetime

O. Jarikre

When it comes to building confidence in a speaker, Elaine is a master of her craft. She has the knack for spotting your strengths and helping you to amplify them whilst cleverly working with you on your blind spots so you get to make the perfect landing on stage. She’s a joy to work with, a true professional whom I will continue with and will recommend her in a heartbeat!

Lily Mensah YeboahLyncsmediaSuccess


Presenting with confidence, is something that most people aspire to do well. Whether it is standing up talking at a meeting, delivering a presentation or sharing your voice, opinions and views with others. When you present with confidence you get to touch, move and inspire others.

Having worked with 15,000 people equipping them with the skills, knowledge and empowerment to be outstanding as a speaker. In this workshop Elaine not only teaches the skills but share the tips that can make anyone a great and phenomenal speaker.

During the workshop you will learn:


– How you can effectively use vocal, verbal and visual techniques to engage any audience
– Understand what nerves are and learn tips to control them
– How to gain confidence in yourself and your speaking ability
– How structure is vital to keeping audience attention
– Gain clarity around your key message
– Learn how to write and deliver a short engaging speech

At the end of the workshop you will:


– Have practised speaking several times
– Delivered a 2 minute personal story or presentation
– Increase your ability to persuade and influence
– Speak with confidence and charisma
– Learnt how to manage your fears and nerves
– Start having fun being self-expressed
– Receive professional feedback

Testimonials about this workshop

I found the workshop to be very useful. Elaine reminded me that communicating well is an art with a fun science behind it. Would love to work with her again.

Linda SarviStoryteller and Poet

I really enjoyed the workshop. Relaxed, fun and engaging

Jessica Brown

Elaine is an amazing personality. We could not get enough of her at today's training. Excellent session and trainer.

Faosat Sanni