Elaine is a dynamic speaker who knows how to connect with audiences. She has the ability to touch, move and inspire them. Using powerful stories, analogies and phenomenal presentation skills, Elaine empowers the listeners into action.

As a lover of communication, Elaine has spent the past 10 years training over 25,000 people in the art of peak performance and public speaking. She also walks the talk: she is a regular on the speaking and storytelling circuit.

Elaine delivers keynote speeches to organisations about how to have their teams create unstoppable mindsets using her NICA model that will enable them to increase sales, revenue, productivity and growth in their business.

Using humour, analogies, engaging stories and electric, positive energy, Elaine can engage any audience with any subject matter and inspire them to action long after she has left the stage.




Your success in life and business depends on these two conversations. These conversations continually define who you are in the world. In this unique, dynamic and pivotal presentation, Elaine shares the secrets of standing out as an exceptional leaders, a skill that will enhance any business.

Firstly the conversation you have with Yourself and secondly the conversation you have with Others people.

Once you have dealt with the two most challenging things in life, yourself and other people you will see your performance sky rocket so that you can go out and make a difference in the World or your business will do for starters.


How To Skyrocket Your Sales and Sales Team

Elaine Powell, an expert in the psychology of human behaviour.

What stops your teams from reaching their sales targets, closing deals, generating new clients, being productive.¬† It all comes down to their ‘Thinking’.

This talk will equip you with the 5 keys to having them be Unstoppable when it comes to reaching their targets and over producing where necessary.

Elaine is ready to help you sell like never before so you can sit back and watch your business grow!



Success is 80% mindset and 20% skills. Elaine will share one of the most powerful secrets that human beings can use to excel and 5 steps to being a truly great leader. Your audience will be invigorated in a new way. They will see that anything is truly possible. They will leave wanting to take action on things they thought were impossible.