Short Professional Bio

Elaine has worked with over 15,000 people, helping to equip them with the mindset, speaking skills and keynote speech content that will ignite an audience to make a difference in the world.  We all have ideas but unless you share them, they are worthless.  By creating phenomenal presentations that connect, inspire and persuade audiences, Elaine helps people share their ideas, vision and knowledge with others.

What makes Elaine unique is that she walks the talk.  Not only does she speak at events herself, but she is constantly developing her skills by delivering storytelling and stand-up comedy on the London circuit.  With a fresh perspective to what it takes to engage an audience, Elaine shares these with others and gives them the tools to become a great speaker.

Elaine clients range from charities, businesses, speakers and entrepreneurs who understand the power of speaking to help share their vision, ideas, raise their profile, increase their client list, create business opportunities and increase their profits.

Her mission is to turn speakers into Great Speakers, so they can speak up, make a difference and change the world.


  • Trained over 15,000 people in public speaking
  • Speaking Curator – TEDxYouthCroydon 2013 and 2014
  • Ranked 1st in South London Toastmasters International
  • Placed 3rd in South East England – International Toastmaster Speech Competition 2012
  • Associate Trainer – The Worlds Largest Youth Speaking Competition
  • Judged numerous Speaking Competitions
  • MC/Presenter at Events and Conferences
  • Storyteller on the London Circuit
  • Budding Stand-up Comedian
  • Awarded JPF Leaders Award 2013
  • Hosted over 12 Public Speaking Competitions
  • Co-Author of Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol II.
Longer Real Life Story

As a child, when my parents divorced, I turned from being extroverted into an introverted one and found it difficult to share my voice with the world. My confidence was low and I found it hard to communicate with others who were not my immediate family and friends. It took until my late 20‘s after doing a course with Landmark Education, for me to be self expressed and confident with who I was as a person. From that point on, I began to embrace life and found joy in expressing who I was to the world.

That confidence helped me to sit down and ask myself, “what would make me fulfilled in my career?” The answer, working with young people popped up, helping them to understand themselves and assisting them along the path to reach their full potential just as I had done.

Leaving a prosperous career in law, I embarked on one of my happiest times. For seven years I worked with the most challenging teenager behaviours in the country in a secure facility (“a baby prison”). Boys aged 10 to 17, with severe emotional and behavioural problems who had been sentenced for crimes such as rape, robbery or murder, on remand and awaiting their court hearing, or were being held on welfare (welfare in this case meaning they had not committed a crime but were vulnerable, absconding and getting involved in drink, drugs, and in some cases involved with pedophile rings).
I worked closely with them using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to improve their behaviours and positive reinforcement to build their confidence and self-esteem.

After leaving the facility, I travelled for a year around the world, stopping off at 18 countries to experience the wonders, people and adventures that each country had to offer.

When I returned I wanted to continue to evolve myself and my skills and embrace my Entrepreneurial Spirit.

I then trained as a public speaking coach helping clients to overcome their fear of speaking in public.

My journey continues and I am so grateful that I am doing what I love, helping others reach their potential, so they too can add value to other peoples’ lives.

“Playing it small does not serve the world.” Nelson Mandela