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Confidence comes out of the things that we say to ourselves on a continual basis, day in, day out. Have you taken the time to listen to your internal chatter. If you have, you will see it is busy inside our heads. Sometimes our voice, never seems to shut up.

The art is learning how to either turn down the volume of our thoughts or acknowledge them and then just let them drift away before they are replaced with another thought. Now that would be good wouldn’t it. But you know what we do. We stop that thought that wasn’t empowering us and have a full blown conversation with it. We argue with, what is in fact just random thoughts in our heads… we entertain them. How ridiculous is that?

So my challenge to you is to stop and take note of the things that you are saying to yourself. Do they serve you? Do they empower you? Are you full of worry about something you said or what other people might think of you?

Watch my video and ask yourself

“Do you have confidence?”

I will share with your my thoughts on how to improve your confidence quickly.

Lack of confidence comes out of telling yourself that you cannot do something and therefore you don’t tackle that task and therefore you remain scared, fearful and uncomfortable doing it.

Confidence comes after you do something. It doesn’t come before. Courage comes before. Empowering yourself comes before. Action comes before. Then you do it once. It might be a bit shaky as it is possibly the first time you have done something. You step back, assess what worked, what didn’t work and what you can do better the next time. Then you go at it again.

Think about if the first time you fell down when walking as a child. If you had the conversation with yourself, the way we do as adults. “Oh you are so stupid”, “I can’t do it”, “why me?” you wouldn’t know how to walk now. Thank goodness babies don’t have language to inhibit and stop themselves.

So monitor your language, your thoughts. Only entertain language that lifts you up, that empowers you, that takes you forward, not backwards.

Keep on speaking and Unleash Your Speaker Greatness Within…

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