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There is a quote that says “Everything is a choice.”

Taking responsibilities for the choices we make it life, can sometimes be challenging.


I hear many people say “well if it wasn’t for this… or I didn’t have a choice.”  We always have a choice and when we take FULL responsibility for our choices is where the power comes in.

If you blame others for hurting your feelings, or not being considerate, or for taking your speaking slot or whatever the case may be, there is a lack of power on your side.

Taking responsibility that it is up to you to decide how you feel about a situation is mastery.

Are you going to remain calm or be anxious?
Are you going to shout or laugh?
Are you going to understand or are you going to blame?

Always the choice is YOURS.

So I put together this short video with a lovely story as usual included.

Click on the video below.

As a speaker, taking responsibility for your actions and performance is vital if you want to improve and ensure that your audience can take away valuable information when you speak.

As the more you take control of your choices, the better your results will be and the better your performance will be.

I hope you enjoy it and reflect on it, when you have the choice to take action or not.  Remembering that it is always your choice if you succeed at something or not.

Enjoy and leave comments about your thoughts on choices.

Remember nobody has the monopoly on truth, this is just a good place to stand.

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