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How many times have things not lived up to your expectations and you leave disappointed

and upset with the outcome.

Did you ever watch Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations?  Pip had many

expectations about being a suitor for Estella, who might be his benefactor and

what his life would turn out like.  I won’t spoil the outcome if you haven’t read

the book but let’s say that things never lived up to his ‘Great Expectations’.

Whether right or wrong, most people have expectations.  Be it about how

a relationship should be, or how a project will go at work or maybe even how

a holiday will turn out.  My question to you is, how many times do things either

live up to your expectations or let you down?

In today’s video blog, I explore what is expectations, tell a story

(which you know I love to do) and come to a conclusion about my view on


It is a good idea to really get present to your expectations about yourself and your life

and then see how much they are running your life.

Have you ever taken the time to think about the expectations you been born into?

So what do I mean by that? Well the expectations in relation to your:

– gender

– race

– age

– culture

– sexuality

– career

– family

– friends

– money etc.

What are the expectations heaped on you from outside yourself? And what is the

impact on your life because of that.

Get present to the impact. Whether it has robbed you of time, happiness, family,

joy, freedom. There will be some impact because of them. Cause and effect.

I know that there are expectations about me being a certain way as a speaker

and then when people see me speak, they are like, “wow I didn’t expect you to be

that way, you laugh alot and it is really fun, it is like being with a friend,

I didn’t think you could be that way on stage.”

I am like “that’s the thing, you can be anyway you want because you can’t live

into other people’s expectations of you, as they aren’t real.”

It’s all MADE UP!


It is better to be conscious of them, than unconscious because if you are feeling

pressure around something, it is possible because you are living into them.

Once aware of them, you can then make a concerted choice to give them up and create a

nice clear open space, to experience something, just as it is, not as you think it should be.

Until the next time, keep on speaking up, speaking out and unleashing your

speaking greatness.

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