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I have recently been going out speaking and I have to say I Am Loving It!

It is so much fun and this is something that I want every one to experience and know that it is just a mindset thing. You can find enjoyment in anything.

I was speaking at Wolverhampton Women’s Business Forum and somebody tweeted #speakingisfun! Fabulous. It is working.

I am going to share with you about how to get speaking engagements.
Getting speaking engagements is a wonderful experience and can fill you with the joy that what you have to share is of value to others. Getting paid is another matter.

Many organisations are willing to pay for CEO’s of large companies to speaker or celebrities or sportspeople but are reluctant to pay if you are new to speaking or have not made a name for yourself already or have a large social media following.

So being realistic about this market is a great way to start. Like everything worth having, it takes time and perseverance.

Once you have earnt your stripes, then people will see the value in paying you your going rate. We can cover rates on another blog.

So let’s look at how do you promote and market yourself as a speaker.

What’s Your Niche?

Do you have a speaking niche? This helps people to find you much easier when they are looking for speakers. So are you a marketing speaker, business speaker or an inspirational speaker. People will need to know what category you fall into. It will also help to separate you from all the thousands of speakers out there. You can’t be everything to everybody. Make sure your niche is an inch wide and a mile deep.

Your Subject Matter

I would like to ask you some poignant questions.

  • Do you have something to offer that people want to hear about.
  • What is your subject matter?
  • Do you have 2-3 keynote speeches of quality that you can promote?
  • What are your key messages?
  • Are you saying something new or just regurgitating things that have been said time and time again.
  • What is going to set you apart and make people listen?
  • Lastly have you spent time on your keynote speech and very importantly have you had reviewed by a speaking coach.

Do not underestimate the amount of time and expertise it takes to make an engaging speech that will touch, move and inspire any audience.  Get advice.

Add A Speakers Page To Your Website

You have to let people know that you are available to speak. Put a speaker page on your website which includes:

  • Speaking video
  • Pictures of yourself speaking
  • List of speaking topics
  • Professional photographs
  • Testimonials
  • Speaking bio
  • Downloadable press kit if applicable
  • List of companies you have spoken for (if any)

Be Prepared to Speak For Free

Speaking for free, doesn’t necessarily mean it is for free. It just means that you won’t receive an upfront fee. I know that I have spoken at events for free but at the end I have received between 2-3 contacts who wanted to purchase my services which eventually amounted to a few thousand pounds. I have also sold my workshops from the stage. If you have a book or product to sell, that with the organisers agreement, you can promote these at the end of your talk. You could also ask for testimonials or the ever important video evidence of you speaking to a large audience.
So don’t really think of it for free, just think of it as payment on the backend.
If you get paid to speak that is great. You are worth it!

Tell Everyone

Market yourself to any and everyone you know. Let them know you are available to speak to your target audience and direct them to the relevant information online. Unless you start doing the talk, nobody is going to know you are available.

Develop Yourself As A Speaker

Lastly develop your speaking skills. There is nothing worse than having to sit through a speaking slot where the speaker has not spent time developing their speaking skills or produce a mediocre speech. Get help. Join a speakers club, like Toastmaster, work with a public speaking coach who also goes out speaking. I wouldn’t recommend the many public speaking trainers who don’t even go out speaking themselves. Lastly be the best speaker you can be.
Remember to continually be unleashing your speaking greatness in the world.

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